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Explore a long-abandoned facility, originally the international government energy project known as Project Prometheus, that is being taken over by an awakening facility management AI. You will switch between 4 items using the Item Cyclers dispersed around the facility. For added efficiency and safety, you will be terminated if you do not reach the next Item Cycler within 20 seconds. Fight your way through robot drones, corrupted drills, and challenging platforming segments.

UPDATE: Project Prometheus has won Best in Show for middle school at the Oregon Game Project Challenge!

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About Us

Based in Portland, OR, Epimetheus Games is a twice-award-winning small game not-yet-company that consists of a few middle schoolers. It started out as a team for the Oregon Game Project Challenge, and is now...

...still a team for the Oregon Game Project Challenge! We have currently made 2 games for OGPC, EyeSore and Project Prometheus. They have both won the Best in Show award for the middle school division of the competition, in seasons 16 and 17 respectively.

Project Prometheus, our latest game (made for Season 17 of OGPC), can be played on our Itch.io page, where you can also find EyeSore. We will continue to work on Project Prometheus past the end of OGPC Season 17 on May 18th, 2024, in anticipation of an eventual Steam release. For now, you can play the demo on Itch.io for free.

In the meantime, check out our blog, which we will be trying to keep updated in the following seasons!

Meet the Team

Carson B

Carson B - Game Design & Programming

Elouan G

Elouan G - Co-Manager & Level Design

Alejandro B.

Alejandro B - Music/SFX & Web Developer

Liam S

Liam S - Graphic Design & Art

Ranier S

Ranier S - Team Member

Past Team Members

Noah J-G

Noah J-G - Programming & Music/SFX