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This isn't a normal platformer. In this world, you command the strings that stretch throughout the Universe. They are invisible to the naked eye, but with something a little bit special, you can see them. You can edit these wires, causing the level to change when you die on a spike, or when a block pushes a button. Yes, you heard it right. For this game, death is not the end, but just a part of life. Use your powers to beat seemingly impossible puzzles at a first glance, and then beat the indestructible Ice Cream Kid. Welcome to...

UPDATE: EyeSore has won the Best In Show award for middle school games at the Oregon Game Project Challenge for 2023!

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About Us

Based in Portland, OR, Epimetheus Games is a small game not-yet-company that consists of a few middle schoolers. It started out as a team for the Oregon Game Project Challenge, and is now...

...still a team for the Oregon Game Project Challenge! We have currently made 1 game, EyeSore, and are working on another for OGPC Season 17.

Epimetheus Games is currently working on the Season 17 of the Oregon Game Project Challenge, and a demo of our game will be released on our website probably around May 18, 2024.

In the meantime, check out our blog, which we will be trying to keep updated in the following seasons!


Carson B

Carson B - Game Design & Programming

Elouan G

Elouan G - Co-Manager

Alejandro B.

Alejandro B - Music/SFX & Web Developer

Liam S

Liam S - Graphic Design & Art

Ranier S

Ranier S - Art Director

Past Team Members

Noah J-G

Noah J-G - Programming & Music/SFX