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Explore a long-abandoned facility, originally the international government energy project known as Project Prometheus, that is being taken over by an awakening facility management AI. You will switch between 4 items using the Item Cyclers dispersed around the facility. For added efficiency and safety, you will be terminated if you do not reach the next Item Cycler within 20 seconds. Fight your way through robot drones, corrupted drills, and challenging platforming segments.

UPDATE: Project Prometheus has won Best in Show for middle school at the Oregon Game Project Challenge! We are continuing to develop the game, and will eventually release it for sale on Steam.

Play the Project Prometheus Demo:

Find Project Prometheus on OGPC's website

Watch the trailer and making of videos

GitHub repo (Source code used for downloading)

This isn't a normal platformer. In this world, you command the strings that stretch throughout the Universe. They are invisible to the naked eye, but with something a little bit special, you can see it. You can edit these wires, causing the level to change when you die on a spike, or when a block pushes a button. Yes, you heard it right. For this game, death is not the end, but just a part of life. Use your powers to beat seemingly impossible puzzles at a first glance, and then beat the indestructible Ice Cream Kid. Welcome to...

UPDATE: EyeSore has won the Best In Show award for middle school games at the Oregon Game Project Challenge for 2023!

Download EyeSore:

Download Instructions:

The download link above will take you to the files on Itch.io, where you can download them.

Windows: Download .exe file from Google Drive and double click to run on your computer.

Linux: Download the Linux file from Google Drive and go to your terminal. CD to the directory you downloaded it from, and type "chmod +x [NameOfFile]" (The file will likely end in .x86_64, you will only need to do this command once). Next type ./[NameOfFile] to run.

Mac: Currently does not work, although if you are really determined, you can download the source and run it with Godot 3.5.2 (Not Godot 4!).

Note: A .pck will be downloaded along with all of these. When running make sure this file is in the same folder. Also, please don't try to edit the name of these files, you might encounter problems.

Watch the trailer and making of videos

GitLab repo (Source code used for downloading)